Syllabus 2016-17

 Thursday 15th September 2016

A Scottish Miscellany

A social evening to start off the season including; a fun quiz with questions on both the North East of England and Scotland; stories and poems and maybe a song. Some light Scottish refreshments will be provided.

 Thursday 13th October 2016

The Isle of Mull

  • David Rodaway
Once again we welcome David again to enchant us with his beautiful slides and music about the lovely island of Mull..

 Thursday 10th November 2016

Scottish Caribbean Historical Connections

  • Sir Geoff Palmer
We are pleased to welcome Geoff Palmer, emeritus professor of the school of Life Sciences, Heriot-Watt University. Geoff was born in Jamaica and came to Britain as a teenager. Tonight he is going to trace some of the historical links between Scotland and the Caribbean and explain why 60% of the names in the Jamaican telephone directory are Scottish. We look forward to a fascinating and enlightening talk.

Elgin Town, Morningside, Fort William, Dundee, Aberdeen, Greenock, Inverness, Culloden...Where are they all to be found?   Jamaica!

 Sunday 27th November 2016

St Andrew's Day Service

United Reformed Church, Stockton


 Thursday 8th December 2016

The Seasonal Singers

The Seasonal Singers are a Teesside group of singers led by Ken Day who enjoy performing and donate 90% of their fees to local charities. They will perform a mixture of festive and Scottish songs which should (along with a mince pie and a glass of wine) put us all in the Christmas spirit!

Gertude Bell (Public Domain)

 Thursday 12th January 2017

The Life of Gertrude Bell

  • Mr Gordon Hetherington

Born in the north east of England and brought up locally, Gertrude Bell was one of the most influential women of her time, an accomplished academic, mountaineer and linguist. She played a major part in the setting up of the state of Iraq.

Gordon's talk will guide us through the life and times of this fascinating and complex woman.

 Thursday 9th February 2017

Binchester - The Pompeii of the North
  • Dr David Mason
We welcome Dr Mason who is principal archaeologist with Durham County Council. David will introduce us to Binchester Roman fort (Vinovia) one of the most significant sites of Roman antiquity to be discovered in recent years. The Binchester fort excavation provides a graphic and spectacular illustration of what Roman life must have been in a northern outpost of the empire 1800 years ago.

THursday 9th March 2017

They Played the Glasgow Empire

  • Mr Bob Bain 
"Freud said that the essence of the comic was the conservation of psychic energy. But then Freud never played Second House, Friday night at the Glasgow Empire"  (Ken Dodd)  

Know as "the English comic's grave",  the Glasgow Empire had a fearsome reputation. It also hosted many of the world's greatest stars. We welcome Mr Bob Bain who will be our guide through the history of this much loved and often missed establishment.

"If they liked you, they let you live" Johnny Beattie.

Follow the link to see a video about Variety in Glasgow theatres. One of the people interviewed is Bob Bain. 

 Thursday 6th April 2017


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